Developing new giving propositions with World Vision

“For guidance on product innovation which supports the ever changing behaviours of our supporters, we’d rely on Future Foundry”

World Vision has a long history of taking action that transforms the world. Since its establishment in the 1950’s, World Vision has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of vulnerable children in almost 100 countries across the globe, with the aim of “allowing every child to fulfil their God-given potential”. 

Across every sector consumers are looking for a more personal touch when it comes to their engagement with brands. When it comes to charities, consumers want to see, feel & touch the impact of their contribution as much as possible, and not lose connection with the causes they feel passionately about. 

For World Vision, day to day processes focus on the overall objectives of the business, and driving the success of a multitude of incredibly urgent humanitarian projects is at the heart of operations. However this leaves little bandwidth for disruptive thinking.

Previously to Future Foundry, ideas were never in short supply at World Vision. However the prioritisation and implementation of those ideas was an area of weakness.

World Vision partnered with Future Foundry to take them out of the BAU, and present new ways in which the charity can support vulnerable children throughout the world via new avenues for charitable donations.  

Future Foundry assigned World Vision a Senior corporate innovation team to complete a 90 day Validation Mission, to move the charity from a paralysing set of unqualified ideas into a space of desirable, feasible and viable opportunities for pursuit. The end result was a comprehensive business case which detailed a tangible and evidence based venture for board presentation, and pilot development. 

“The Velocity system that Future Foundry provides has helped us find a solution to our core challenge of ensuring we can reach as many vulnerable children as possible. They’ve consistently helped us deliver from creative ideation, to problem solving, to viability testing and ultimately, have provided a business case for stakeholder presentation within 90 days”. Alina Siscanu, Head of Digital & Comms
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