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"Working with the Future Foundry teams is having exposure to a culture of speed and output, and really getting things done"

When you’re a global organisation, established for over 100 years with 17,000 colleagues across 37 countries - of course there’s going to be no shortage of ideas and opinions on how best to evolve to keep pace with an ever changing environment.

When operating at this magnitude, innovation is quite often stifled by the sheer volume of potential areas of pursuit. Couple that with the process pains experienced in companies of any size, let alone a global FTSE100 and what you’re often faced with is a choking amount of ideas, and a lack of bandwidth to ascertain what needs to be killed, kept or cured for the highest benefit to the business.

Despite the existing coaching programmes in place for Experian’s global innovation teams, the existing bandwidth available to nurture and grow new thinking in these departments on a continuous basis doesn’t exist. 

Experian needed a fresh perspective at the table. An agitator voice to disrupt the status quo and provide well established teams with new methodologies, tool sets and ways of thinking which would truly move the dial on the pace, rigour and output of the global innovation function. 

Future Foundry has brought new skills to the global innovation teams, and instilled knowledge on proven processes which have expedited problem identification, consumer testing and venture development; without compromising on rigour. 

Future Foundry have been working with Experian over the past year to deliver innovation programme outputs at a faster and higher quality than ever before. Experian now has clear directions and focus on how to effectively prioritise thousands of ideas into legitimate areas for investment, using our proprietary Velocity™ operating system. 

Experian has had a complete culture shift from idea suffocation, to a clear, repeatable, scalable and measurable process for big initiative prioritisation for their global teams. 

“The benefit of our teams working with the Future Foundry teams is having exposure to a culture of speed and output, and really getting things done. Seeing that level of focus in play showed us "hey, if they're doing it why can't we do it"? - Mike Charyk, VP of Global Innovation

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