Working with M&S on new customer experiences

"Teams that were a joy to work with, who produced a cultural step-change when it comes to innovation"

Marks & Spencer has been bringing quality food items, home products, clothes and accessories to British consumers for almost 140 years. Now able to operate globally, M&S serves customers in over 100 countries via their web platforms and local suppliers, transforming this brand from a British high street-staple to a global well loved retailer in multiple markets. 

From an operational standpoint, Marks & Spencer is a mammoth organisation, with c. 65,000 employees and almost 1,500 stores globally. Naturally, with such a large foothold in the retail category, M&S have a responsibility to their colleagues and customers to ensure not only stability in an ever challenging retail environment, but also, demonstrate robust new thinking to continuously keep M&S ahead of the curve when it comes to evolving technology, demanding consumers and disruptive competitors. 

However, M&S had particular challenges when it came to not only having the capacity and bandwidth to dedicate to future thinking; but the lack of a rigorous and speedy process for innovation meant outcomes could be expected in months and years for internal innovation programmes. 

M&S needed a refreshed perspective on how to ideate, design and test new ventures which have been proven to be the most desirable, feasible and viable for their business and their customers. And thus, M&S partnered with Future Foundry. 

Future Foundry worked with M&S using Solution Incubator to:

  1. Define the customer problems M&S was best placed to address across Europe
  2. Develop new initiatives to solve these problems
  3. Test the desirability of these initiatives 
  4. And finally, produce a business case which undoubtedly proved the viability of these new ventures when it came to available M&S infrastructure. 
“When we were stuck on something specific that we needed help on, Future Foundry were able to quickly come in, fully immerse themselves on what the task was and from day one, were very clear on delivering the best outcome for our colleagues and customers. We continuously raised the bar on what good looks like and how we could make the outcome even better, and they always rose to the challenge!” - Sophie Lynch, E-commerce Proposition Lead
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