Still looking for that next big thing?

Often, we find that large organisations have far too few (or far too many!) innovation initiatives in the backlog. 

Our Opportunity Mapping Workshop is designed to help you get a clear overview of your potential innovation opportunities and make confident decisions on which ones to pursue.


Our workshop helps you identify, evaluate and prioritise your biggest innovation areas.

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1. Identify

We will work with you to find the biggest untapped innovation opportunities. Aligning our thinking with your business goals, we will use our proven research and exploration methodology to reveal natural areas for innovation.


2. Evaluate

Compare new venture, product and experience options systematically by assessing and scoring the extent to which they align with business goals. These may be growth potential, efficiency goals or customer experience KPIs.


3. Prioritise

Working with you and based on what's most important to the business, we will score and rank your opportunities to produce a clear set of prioritised initiatives, mapped across three horizons of innovation.


Organise different kinds of innovation initiative into one prioritised backlog.


Business Model Innovation

Unlocking revenue growth through the development of new value propositions and business models.


Product & Service Innovation

Improving existing products and services, develop new ones, and bring them to market.


Customer Experience Innovation

Reimagining how you serve your customers and create more relevant, delightful experiences for them.

Workshop FAQs

Where is the workshop held?

The workshop will be hosted remotely via Zoom or any video platform of your choice.  

How long will it take?

This is a one-day workshop, split over two sessions if preferred, organised at a time to suit you and your team.

How many people can attend?

The ideal number of participants for this format is between 5 and 10. We'd suggest involving stakeholders from a variety of different business units.

What is the agenda?

We will work with you to plan the agenda beforehand to consider any specific stakeholder needs but it will be centred around our three areas of focus:

1. Identification

2. Evaluation

3. Prioritisation



What do I get at the end?

All raw outputs will be handed over at the end of the process - notes, sketches, files etc. Your Future Foundry team will also synthesis the workshop into a meaningful report. This will summarise all pertinent outcomes and will contain the prioritised backlog of initiatives with all supporting data, rationale and insight for each.

Critically, the backlog we produce is a live, working document that can be updated and iterated on in the future, should new initiatives be identified. 


What is your availability?

We can typically schedule the workshop to fall within 4 weeks of receiving confirmation and will send all final deliverables no later than 3 working days after the workshop.

How much does it cost?

All preparation, the workshop (moderated by two Future Foundry consultants) and the creation and handover of final deliverables costs £5,000+VAT.