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For us to truly add value to our client's business, we need to bring specialist, disruptive and collaborative thinking to each Mission. 

The Fold is our global network of innovation experts. They provide the skills, sector knowledge and experience needed to effectively tackle the challenge ahead.


A global collective of corporate innovators

Each time we assemble a Mission team, we work closely with our clients to define the challenge and the subject matter expertise required. That's why we've built a highly qualified and pre-approved network of researchers, strategists and designers, all with a rich background in corporate innovation. 


Our researchers play a critical role in developing breakthrough new ventures, products, and services by unearthing the most pertinent consumer, market, societal, technological, and economic insights to act upon.


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The strategist builds on the insight and data to architect the desirable, feasible and viable business models, products and experiences. They will set the goals, lead on all Mission tasks and will brief all research and design outputs.


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Our designer creates the experience, operating and delivery models for new ventures, products and services. They will be human-centred, service designers, experts in early-stage prototyping, to enable effective testing and iteration.


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