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The Ultimate Corporate Innovation Experiment Toolbox

Throughout our Validation Missions, we use a number of experiments to discover and validate new solutions. You’ll find each of these experiments in this toolbox along with information on what they are designed to test for, what the costs, set-up time and run times involved are and what strength of evidence each of them provides.

The Ultimate Corporate Innovation Experiment Toolbox

What you'll receive

A myriad of high performing, easy to execute tests and experiments that will help you either evidence, or kill your assumptions quickly and efficiently.  


Over 40 Experiment Methodologies

Gain access to our simple, yet powerful models and experiments to fuel your testing and validation activities.

Applications & Usage Guidance

Discover detailed suggestions on what each experiment is designed to be used for, along with expected set-up, run times & cost.

Strength of Evidence & Fidelity Grading

Be targeted and efficient with testing by prioritising experiment outputs based on the strength of evidence they generate.

Overcome innovation inertia

10X your innovation impact using our Velocity™ Operating System - no more painful procrastination of management consultancies.

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