How do you compare to the world's most innovative companies?

What if we could help The Fold community benchmark their performance against one another and learn from the most successful teams...

Building new ventures, products and services inside an established company is unlike any other area of business. You can't learn it at college, there's no formal accreditation and no Association of Corporate Innovators.

In our experience, that leads to wildly different approaches and huge outcome variations across companies, industries and geographies.

So, at the beginning of this year, we asked ourselves: "What if we could help The Fold community benchmark their performance against one another and learn from the most successful teams?"

Introducing FutureFit

FutureFit will be the largest-ever study on corporate innovation and the only benchmarking survey specifically focused on the innovation performance of large companies.

The report will be compiled from the results of the survey and will give you real and relevant comparative KPI data, insights, tips and tools to help you supercharge your innovation performance in 2024.

It's a unique opportunity to compare your performance with the most innovative companies on the planet.

What will I learn?

The study has been specifically designed to give you a unique insight into eight key areas:

  1. Innovation Budgets: What percentage of revenues do top-performing companies allocate to their innovation budget?
  2. Rewards & Compensation: How are the world's leading teams recognised and rewarded for their work in building new products and services?
  3. Major Challenges: What significant obstacles have your peers overcome this year, and what do they foresee over the next 12 months?
  4. Innovation Strategy: What are the key reasons that some companies outperform others when it comes to corporate innovation?
  5. Performance Metrics: What KPIs do leading companies use to measure, manage and improve their corporate innovation performance?
  6. Top Priorities: Where are companies focusing their innovation efforts over the next twelve months, and what bets are they making?
  7. Portfolio Performance: Why do some companies generate higher returns from their innovation investments than others?
  8. Ways of Working: How are companies and teams organising to drive better outcomes, and what methodologies are they relying on?

Why should I do it?

By taking 10 minutes to complete the survey, you'll be able to:

  • Access the report findings (these will only be available to those who complete the survey) and join us for April's FutureFit event, where we'll reveal the findings to an invitation only audience of likeminded corporate innovators from the world's leading businesses.  

  • Hold up a mirror to your company's innovation performance across eight key areas, including return on investment, team design, ways of working, key priorities and portfolio performance.

  • Ensure that the FutureFit Report is as representative as possible – giving you better, more relevant insights across diverse industries and geographies by anonymously including your data.

Who is it for?

We've designed FutureFit to be used by executive leaders, management teams, and corporate innovators working in companies with over 1,000 employees and revenues exceeding $1bn.

How will my data be used?

The data provided by you as part of the survey is anonymously analysed by Future Foundry. You can read about how we handle your data in our Privacy Policy.

We'll be capping responses at 500, so if you have ten minutes between Christmas shopping, turkey cooking/eating and running around your respective country to see family - we'd love you to take part as early as possible.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

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