Developing new giving propositions with World Vision

Developing New Propositions with World Vision

“For guidance on product innovation which supports the ever-changing behaviours of our supporters, we’d rely on Future Foundry”

Client background

World Vision has a long history of taking action that transforms the world. Since the charity was established in the 1950s, World Vision has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of vulnerable children across almost 100 countries, with the aim of “allowing every child to fulfil their God-given potential”.

Consumers are looking to develop deeper connections with brands and are being more thoughtful about where they spend their money. This impacts every industry, but when it comes to the charity sector, consumers want to see and feel the impact of their contribution to the causes they care about. 

World Vision’s challenges

At World Vision, day-to-day processes focus on the overall objectives of the business: driving the success of the incredibly urgent humanitarian projects that are at the heart of their operations. However, this leaves little bandwidth for disruptive innovation and future-focused thinking.

Having previously partnered with agencies and consultancies to augment their innovation strategy, World Vision had no short supply of ideas. However, they felt in the dark when it came to prioritising and implementing those ideas in practice.

Championing innovation with Velocity™ Innovation Operating System

World Vision partnered with Future Foundry with a goal of moving away from BAU processes and adopting new approaches through which the charity could test and validate new ideas. With a focus on supporting vulnerable children worldwide by devising new avenues for charitable donations, it was critical that their process was efficient and accurate.

Future Foundry assigned World Vision a corporate innovation team made up of senior advisors, and embarked on a 90-day programme. The aim was to move the charity on from the paralysing set of unqualified ideas they were currently struggling under the weight of.

Within the 90 days, World Vision had learnt to go beyond ideation to create a comprehensive and tangible business case that was validated with quality insights. By the end of the programme, The World Vision team had an evidence-based venture they could take to board presentations and begin pilot development on.

"The Velocity system has been a game-changer for us, it's helped us deliver in so many ways. Whether we're brainstorming new ideas, tackling tough problems, or testing out the feasibility of our projects, this innovation approach has always gone above and beyond what we expected" - Alina Siscanu, Head of Digital & Comms
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