Running Holland & Barrett's innovation engine

Running Holland & Barrett's Innovation Engine

"We have a North Star, but how do we get there? And hence, Future Foundry comes in"

Client background

Holland & Barrett has been regarded as one of the world’s leading retailers of supplements, minerals, vitamins, specialist foods and natural beauty products for over 145 years. This high street staple is synonymous with health and wellness in the UK, and is well-loved among health-conscious shoppers. It is a go-to for those who want to take their health into their own hands with preventative nutraceutical and specialist products. 

Consumers have become increasingly aware of their health and the importance of bolstering their immunity. Combine this with new challenges that the retail landscape is coming up against, savvy shoppers and the emergence of many tech-centric competitors, and an industry ripe for disruption emerges.

Holland & Barrett’s challenges

Holland & Barrett recognised that in order to stay a relevant authority in a competitive market, they had to tap into changing consumer behaviour. They had a north star, but were unsure of how to reach it: that meant innovating. However, with limited internal innovation resources available and several competing business priorities, they needed external support to revitalise their innovation strategy.

Holland & Barrett’s innovation team engaged Future Foundry to re-examine the business’ existing audience, map their strengths against identified customer needs and better align the brand with their health-conscious consumers through developing new solutions. 

The Results

‍Future Foundry worked closely with Holland & Barrett’s innovation team to answer the question, “How can we drive growth outside of a typical retail environment?”

Over several well-structured sprints, we tested, validated and conducted viability analysis on numerous ideas concurrently, resulting in the quick generation of several evidence-based initiatives that solved a range of critical consumer challenges and answered high priority business questions.

"Future Foundry's Velocity system is invaluable for really giving our ideas discipline and rigour. While we have fascinating, divergent and thought-provoking concepts, subjecting them to Velocity's meticulous stage gating process ensures we assess their desirability, feasibility, and viability—an essential undertaking for our organisation.” - Taran Toor, Director of Wellness Innovation
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